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Windows Azure Pack: infos sur l’Update Rollup 4

Hier Microsoft a envoyé à la communauté Windows Azure Pack quelques informations sur la prochaine mise à jour de son outil de Self-Service qui sortira à la fin du mois.

La première information importante, le prochain rollup update 4 sortira le 28 Octobre pour Windows Azure Pack. En général, WAP est mis à jour en même temps que System Center, il y a donc de fortes chances qu’un Rollup Update 4 sorte dans les 2 prochaines semaines également pour System Center 2012 R2 (enfin le support de SQL Server 2014 ?).

Parmis les nouveautés et bug fixés, il sera désormais possible de protéger sa VM via Azure Site Recovery depuis le portail utilisateur, à la demande !

Voici les nouveautés annoncés par Microsoft:

Windows Azure Pack Update Rollup 4: Added Features and Bug Fixes


Azure Pack SQL

  • Added ability to allow administrator to suspend a subscription that has a database using Windows Authentication. Previously, an error occurred when trying to suspend the subscription.
  • Additional error messaging added for when a tenant tries to create a database on a server that is configured for Always On but not configured to support contained databases. The error message prompts the tenant to contact their administrator to fix the misconfiguration on the hosting server.


Azure Pack Virtual Machines

  • Added support for enabling disaster recovery of Tenant VMs via Plans using Azure Site Recovery (ASR) as long as ASR infrastructure has been deployed.
  • Fixed UX issue for in Linux VM creation wizard. Now the tenant can select any available network for each of the specified NICs in the VM template.
  • Added a configuration flag so that the administrator can determine whether the tenant-supplied name should overwrite the name provided in a VM template. Previously, the tenant name was always used and the provided name in the template was ignored.
  • Bug fix: SPF usage endpoint does not respond to WAP request after three minutes
  • Bug fix: SPF fails when global group policy object exists for setting PowerShell script execution policy
  • Bug fix: SPF does not support assigning a static IP address for an existing VM
  • Bug fix: Tenant’s local username and password are sent to SMA as clear text and the credential can be viewed in the WAP portal job history
  • Bug fix: SPF invoking SMA needs to look for EndpointURL setting case insensitively


Azure Pack Web Sites

  • User interface added to WAP to allow tenants to implement virtual directories for their WAP websites.
  • Clean installation could still occasionally encounter problems that were overcome for the upgrade scenario.  There were a mix of things including retry issues or launching the event viewer.  The changes made to improve upgrade now work for clean installations as well.
  • Combination of classic mode and AD integration does not work.  That has been fixed for Azure Pack Websites with this update but is still true of IIS.  The problem stems from running IIS on a file server with AD integration.
  • There was a pre-existing capability to change the DNS Suffix however it didn’t work properly.  That has been fixed such that the DNS Suffix for an Azure Pack Websites cloud can be changed with the Powershell command: Set-WebSitesConfig Global –DnsSuffix
  • Due to a bug in the repair logic it was possible to get the management role into a state where it continuously repaired and would not stabilize.  The issue is also described here:
  • There was an issue with the PHP 5.5 support added in UR3.  That issue is fixed and PHP 5.5 is properly enabled with this update.
  • Applied Innovations (coming this week)
  • Repair worker was not working after upgrade on newly added workers.  This issue has been fixed in this update.
  • The vdir/vapp feature was not exposed in on-prem portal but was available through API.  The portal update that is available with this update 4 release fixes that issue.

Pour recevoir les prochains mails d’information concernant Windows Azure Pack, n’hésitez pas à vous inscrire à la communauté à l’adresse suivante:

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